Monday, March 10, 2008


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Shitty things happen for what seem like no good reason at all.
People move in and out of your life, you lose jobs, a whole bunch of crap ass motherfucking illnesses happen one right after the other...and man, it looks like your life could not suck any worse.
But then....ever so slowly at first, changes start to happen. It feels like it's taking forfuckingever, but the pace starts to pick up. s-l-o-w as fuck, but at least it's no longer stagnant to the point where you sit on the couch and cry enough tears to overflow Lake Titicaca.
The deep pain takes time. A lot of fucking time.
You don't forget the pain of the last few months, and you still grieve the loss of love, you still miss the person that has left your life almost every minute, and you start to second guess what you could have done differently, if the relationship could have been fixed or saved...... your ego still smarts because you get fired from a job,(even though the job sucked hairy donkey cock and you're better off without it..but still, it stings.
Your health still isn't 100%..and when you get rid of one thing, inevitably another one pops up (DAMN YOU TO HELL DEFECTIVE URINARY TRACT!!)
It gets a little better every day.
I know this seems a little vague, and I will add some more details when I'm not so fucking exhausted, but since people have been asking....I'm ok.
I'm not great, and I'm miles from great, but I'm as ok as I can be for now.

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Mimi said...

Okay is a start.

I'm okay right now, too. I prefer okay to alot of other alternitives.

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