Saturday, March 15, 2008

I love the beginning part.
You know, the start when you’re not really sure where it’s going, or if it’s even going to go anywhere?
When you want to spend all the time you can with them, stand as close to them as possible drawing in their smell to recall later. Memorising the way their lip curls just slightly on the right side when they smile, especially when that smile is just for you?
When looking at them makes your heart beat just a little faster and you almost feel like there’s less oxygen in the immediate atmosphere because it gets a little harder to take a really deep breath.
When it feels like there are just not enough hours in the day or enough words in the entire English language to share all the thoughts that are bubbling up trying to burst free.
When he puts his hands on your waist for the first time and it makes you feel safe and protected, and you think in the back of your mind about the guy who’s been trying to look down the front of your shirt all night is going to finally realise that you belong to someone else and that he should probably just move on down the bar.
When the first kiss tastes so sweet that it threatens to send you into insulin shock, and you know that you will never forget it, that memory is placed firmly in the "wonderful moments" part of your brain that if you could see it would look sort of like an old shoe box, but is really more like a treasure chest of happiness.
When you can’t wait for the phone to ring, or to here a car in the drive, or a knock at the door.
Or a thousand other things that suddenly make the sun shine a little brighter, make the music sound a little better, and make the air seem that much cleaner.
When the shift happens and your heart which just a short time ago was a wounded, damaged animal that would never heal and wanted to crawl into a dark and cold place away from the whole world starts to look more like a tiny creature taking its first tentative steps back into the world again.
Yeah, I love the beginning part.

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