Sunday, September 7, 2008

07 Sep 2008

Happy Birthday to yo...OW MOTHERFUCKER...FUCK!!
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These are my very adorable nephews. On Friday, It was the little one's 5th Birthday. The older one (who is 7, had a challenge for me)
Since the right side of my body feel like someone ran me through with a fucking Samurai Sword, I will post a picture blog instead.





Equals .......


A cracked Rib and some cracked cartilage.

I think what really did me in was the little one jumping on my stomach whilst I lay on the pavement in tears praying for death.

At least I got a bunch of these......

Now I get to spend the last few Summer Days laying on the couch watching reruns of House, which I have already seen because I was sick all fucking Spring.

I hate this year.

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