Monday, July 27, 2009

It's getting close to the end of the month which in my neighbourhood spells treasure hunting!
I'm sure it happens in a lot of cities, but here it's like a tradition.
At the end of the month, when everybody moves, they leave behind the stuff they no longer want or have room for. There's a lot of TV's lately, as people are switching to flatscreens, they no longer want their old tube TVs . The only thing is, some of these tube TVs are less than 5 years old and are in perfect shape.I haven't collected any TVs as my family has dumped off two on me, and I have a flatscreen, so, no need for another TV, but I have found an old steamer trunk that someone had to carry all the way to my place(tyk),a solid wood table with mahogany veneer which I plan to strip and shakerise, along with the solid wood hutch that will get the same treatment-just in another colour. I'm keeping it to primary colours. Reds, Blues, Whites and Blacks.I found a cedar bedsides table and a wooden drying rack.I also found a pine side table. All free. I once saw a gorgeous in perfect shape velvet lounge (ideal for swooning whence fainting from the vapours.)Plus, this is a long weekend I think, so more time to browse.
Wish me Happy Treasure hunting-I need new drawers!!
Not those kind, you pervs.


Anonymous said...

happy hunting!!!

Don Italo said...

See if you can't find me a job someone threw out.

Char said...

sounds exciting to find new stuff

Lori said...

It is cool, believe or not, because you're not rooting through dumpters, this stuff is just in the alley for whomever.
Shopping starts Friday.
Wo0t Wo0t!!

Soccer Milf said...

The Man works for these certain famous Jewish Torontonians who shall remain nameless, but you should SEE the SHIZ that these people throw out. And he's not even allowed to take it, even though it's curbside on the way to a landfill. It's a crime, really.

Pina said...

It's amazing to me that people would safeguard their "garbage" which could be used in women's shelters or rehab facilities. *shakes head*

I'm happy if I get a side table that I have to fix the leg on.

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