Monday, February 16, 2009

And so it goes...again

So, you would think that I'm just here at 9:30 to dash off a quick blog before work.

You would be wrong.

Because in order to do that, one must have a job, which I no longer do.

"What the fuck???" you say. "Pina, last week you had TWO new jobs. Now you have none? How can this be?? You're super smart, and we mean SUPER smart (although we know the theory of everything sounds like bull shit to you- it does to us too) not to mention gorgeous and all that, so we just don't get it!!"

Well folks, neither do I.

I was once fired at a store called Roots for not having enough "Rootsitude" and I laughed while she was firing me because "Rootsitude" is a fucking made up word, and you can't fire someone with a made up word, I looked it up in "The Big Book of Jobs" when I was trying to see if strippers, I mean candy stripers have to pay taxes the way everyone else does, and there it was- Rule 467- "If you fire someone with a made up word, they can laugh in your face because you are a super douche" Totally true.

Now I would gladly take that shit job back on my knees.




Soccer Milf said...

I fucking hate Roots. Roots can suck it.

Have you ever seen that movie "Indian Summer"? Gah!

Char said...

sorry girl, that sucks

Pina said...

This blog was like 6 months old, so don't feel sorrow. I just like a blog where I can in real life call someone a super douche, because Lord knows, I've had my share of them.

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