Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yesterday I wrote a blog about alley shopping.

Today, and until after the weekend I am going to post (daily) what I find, what I take home, and what I leave behind.

Please feel free to comment if you would have done differently with an item.

Also just leave damn comments and subscribe to my friggin blog. What am I, mildly amusing cow poo?

I write this for

so is it too much to ask for a comment?

OK. Rant over. Sorry.

Tuesday July 28.

On a very short walk I saw

1.An 80-ish Microwave.

2.An Iron maybe 5, 6 years old
3.A stereo receiver

4.A computer monitor approx 17"

5.A mirror I saw on my way to the Dr. that I figured I'd get on the way back, but
BURN, as I turned the corner into the lane, a shopping cart sweetheart was attaching it to her shopping cart.

That's all so far, but I'm going on a walkabout later to take pics, maybe I'll add them to this blog.

Until later then? And did I keep any of it? Would you have?


Char said...

the mirror sounds nice but that's about it for me

Soccer Milf said...

I would have taken that damn mirror with me to my appointment. Then I would have asked him or her if he thought I was a narcissist.

Pina said...

Holy shit How much do I love you??

beth said...

I'll leave a comment....

let's see....

YOU look beautiful today....

I think that will work....and by all means, you're a woman...rant anytime you want !

we stick together :)

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