Monday, February 2, 2009

My Friend and Mentor (and now worst enemy) tagged me in 25 things about me (I fucking hate tags) but here we go.

1. I have 4 cats. They annoy me endlessly.
2. I am the oldest of two girls. (I'm the fun one)
3. Women who can't drive stick shift (or drive it badly) should have one finger cut off. (their choice of finger, of course.) What am I, a Mafioso?
4. I can put me feet behind my head. (creepy, huh?)
5. I have only been in love, truly in love, twice. (that worked out well)
6. I love cheese more than any other food on Earth.
7. I am not a shoe girl, but I LOOOVE boots. (not hat I would turn down a free pair of Laboutins...)
8. I HATE Internet Explore. I'm a Firefox girl all the way.
9. Pansies are my favourite flower.
10. I am phobic of stuffed mascots. They scare the living shit out of me.
11. I love food that starts with the letter P. Pizza, Popcorn..ok you get it
12. I have never seen a single episode of lost. Nor do I care to.
13. Sometimes I will eat only orange foods for weeks. I know, weird.
14. I lived in Istanbul for 9 months and Greece for 3.
15. I swear waaaaay too much. Ah fuck it, who cares. If you know me, you know this already.
16. I despise socks.
17. I don't tuck my sheets in for the same reason I hate socks. I am afraid there will be a fire and my feet will get all tangled and I'll burn to death, which is the worst death ever. Except maybe being crucified. That would hut a lot I think.
18. Anything pink should be put in a huge pile and set on fire. Sort of like the Burning Man Festival.
19. I have 7 tattoos. No, you can't see them.
20. 2 Is my favourite number, Uneven numbers bug me.
21. The only bug/creepy crawly I am afraid of if is the earwig. Those things go in your ear and lay eggs. It's true Science. You could look it up.
22. Black is my favourite colour. it IS a colour, too. Look that up as well.
23. I suffer horribly from Insomnia. Always have.
24. Spring and Fall are my favourite seasons.
25. I spell with the U because IT IS NOT SUPERFLUOUS!!

The End.


Princess Consuela Bananahammock said...

#1- I could've sworn you had at least a dozen more! But the hermaphrocat is still one of the four, right? :)
#5- I can in all honesty say that I've been in REAL love only once in my life. And I'll be having his baby in 9 weeks.
#10- Chuck E. Cheese is creepy too.
#18- um, *I'm* pink. ish. And I'd love to go to Burning Man someday. ;)
#21 & #22 I can vouch for that.

Lori said...

See, because you are a real life brilliant scientist/retail merchandiser.

Heather said...

Lori, Lori, Lori... 12 and 18 may be grounds for me having to drive to Canada to beat you.


Heather said...

Lori, Lori, Lori... 12 and 18 may be grounds for me having to drive to Canada to beat you.


Lori said...

ooooh I'm skirred.

You don't even follow my blog.

Your Pink goes first

Harvey Walbanger said...'s the new black.

JennWebb said...

#6 Amen, sister.
#12 It's about time someone said this.
#25 I think I might love you.

It's about time you did one :-) And contrary to a comment you made previously, you *are* that interesting :-)

[Megan] said...

the letter "u" is grossly under-utilised here in the US of A...

i show my Canadian pride by sticking them into words where ever possible. because you're right, they're not superfluous ;-)

(ps... glad to read your surgery went well. crossing my fingers it does the trick this time)

Chris said...

LOL good list! I just did this on Facebook too :)

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