Friday, October 8, 2010

Lately a lot of people I know are having kids, or their kids are starting to send their kids to school and they have all their cute stories about first days of kindergarten and their cute little things their little ones say on the way to school, or at the dinner table after the first day.
I know that most of you who read me also read Buddha Mama and we all followed her pregnancy and now the first year of their new and second little ones life. Of course Mama has lots of funny stories, funny blogs about the new dancing baby and Cracky, who is so funny that her blogs about him are enough to make me snort like a laughing pig.
I once wrote in a comment of one of Buddha Mama's blog that her stories about her son ( how does she end up with the hilarious children's stories she puts out good babies) and I said that her Cracky stories made my uterus ache.
I chose not to have children, so I suppose my withering uterus is my own fault, and the time to have a baby has passed me by, I think, as I don't want to be 60 taking my kid to his or her first day of school....
But for the first time I am seriously thinking I may have made a mistake when I decided not to have a baby.
The tumbleweeds rolling through my deserted town of a uterus are a little noisier than they have in the past.
Then again,I am happy being a godmother to 5 or 6 kids,an Aunt to two nephews, and I am always happy to spend time with the little ones, fill them up with pop, give them loud toys, and send them home full of sugar and energy.
I am always relieved to get them out of my house so that I can sit in the quiet with my cats and remember why I never had kids of my own.(stop it with the crazy cat lady jokes, please
Aunts and Grandmas are the ones that you let spoil their family little ones as we have earned the right to spoil them, Grandmas because they went through having and raising your sister or your brother and they are now the Queen Mother of the family. Aunts had to put up with you siblings all our childhood, which means we are entitled to give your kids some chocolate, or snack til their bellies are full, and then send them home to you all jacked up.
Thinking of that, I have let my nephews do some not so Motherly things, but we sure have a good time breaking all Mummy's rules.
Maybe it's not the tumbleweeds that are making the noise, it's the sound of thundering feet that belong to your now hyped up, over excited little ones that will now have Auntie Lori stories to tell. Maybe they will even be cute or funny, and not just about all the Chocolate I gave them.
I will gladly watch them for the day.
Do they like Coke or Pepsi better? Drums?
Hmm.. perhaps my uterus is not so lonesome and dried out after all.


T-Free said...

Let me reassure you that having a baby later in life is sooooooooooo much harder physically than having them young. I was thirty-five when I gave birth via C-section. Post-pregnancy recovery was so much harder than it would have been for younger me. I don't have any semblance of my pre-baby size five body left. I am going to be forty in a few weeks, and my son turns five in January. In short: I have been utterly exhausted for the last five years. And my husband, who is one those awesome men who actively helps raise his own child (crazy concept, right?) couldn't race to the doctor fast enough for a vasectomy. We know we are too old and tired to handle another infant/toddler.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with deciding not to have kids. This way, you get all the best parts of them. The fun time. And as you mentioned, you get to be Auntie Lori, giver of drums, candy and soft drinks. That's what aunties and grandparents are for. Anyone who has a problem with that needs to remember that the aunties and grandparents are watching your child for you, which is the best gift anyone can give a tired parent. Bless you, Auntie Lori! :)

Pina said...

Thanks Tawni, I wonder though if you would let me take your kid.

Twills said...

I think the next time that I'll want babies, it will be for a snack. They look so succulent with their chubby little legs!

Pina said...

You are truly weird.

Bluntforcemama said...

Kids are great, but other people's kids are better. I always have more patience for my friends' children than my own. Perhaps because they are more unpredictable to me.

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